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The show is scheduled to start at 7:30pm, beginning with a scheduled 30-minute Open Mic. The Feature Act is scheduled to come on at 8:00pm.

The Open Mic is available for three acts — two via web-site sign-up, one reserved for ‘walk-ins’, 7 minutes per act. Note that while we will attempt to run the Open Mic Acts in the order that they signed up (as shown below), the order might be changed for various reasons, such as when people show up or for technical reasons. The MC has final say as to who goes on and how much time they get. We would like the Open Mic performers to check in on the Friday before or sometime on the Saturday of the show to verify that they are coming (or not). See the contact page for contact information. We would like the open mic performers to arrive at or even before 7pm, so we will have time to check their stage and sound requirements and do a basic sound check.

Before the show, we will have already set-up the evening’s Feature Act on the stage. Depending on the Feature performer, this means that the stage might be fairly crowded with gear. So Open Mic performers, please be aware that there might be a limited amount of stage room. (Larger Open Mic acts with amps and/or a drum kit, could run into difficulties, both in terms of set-up time cutting in to your time-slot and stage room. Larger acts wanting to play the Open Mic: consider sending an email or calling us a week before the show, to make sure you can be accommodated!) We provide a full sound-system which includes four microphones, and two DIs (direct input for plugging-in to the sound-board).

Finally, but importantly, please do NOT sign-up for more than one show in any given season.. It’s a great Open Mic, so please help us give as many performers as possible an opportunity to perform at the Wendell FullMoon CoffeeHouse!

Additionally, since these are benefit shows, we ask that open mic performers pay the door donation, particularly if they stay for the show.

If you have a problem, such as signing up for the wrong date or need to cancel or reschedule your open mic slot, etc. please feel free to E-Mail the Open Mic custodian.

Note: when you click on the signup submit button, the page refreshes. If there was a problem, there will be a message, otherwise you will be signed up, you don’t need submit the form again!

April 27, 2024 Main Act: The Pangeans

Enya Brooks
Singing 2 songs I wrote

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