Beneficiary Policies

Welcome to the Wendell Full Moon Coffee House

We are happy to provide your organization with the opportunity to benefit from the Full Moon Coffeehouse.

You receive total receipts from all food and drinks sold at the baking table.

We provide coffee, tea, sugar, honey, hot cups, and a coffeemaker. We do provide your table with a filled water dispenser for public access to free and delicious Wendell tap water hydration.

You provide the following:

  1. At least 12 quality baked goods (muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, tortes, etc). Chocolate and Pop corn sells!
  2. Bring a supply of plates/bowls, spoons and forks. All of these should be made of compostable paper and wood — we would like to avoid producing trash.
  3. In smaller quantities, quiches, spring rolls, other non-sweet foods often sell to hungrier people not wanting dessert.
  4. One quart of milk, 1-2 quarts half & half, and one pint of nondairy unsweetened creamer
  5. Any cold beverages you will sell (no alcohol, no small glass bottles). Suggested beverage, cider, other juices. Totaling a couple of gallons.
  6. $25 in change in quarters and dollars to operate your concession.
  7. At least 4 workers to:
    • Set up concession at 6:15pm.
    • Sell baked goods and beverages during coffeehouse.
    • Break down concession and clean up area and.
    • One spokesperson to speak to the audience for a few minutes about your group and its goals.
  1. On the average, the bake sale at the Full Moon Coffee House nets $100 – $200, on occasion more, depending on attendance plus amount, quality and price of goods. Average pricing is 2/$1 for cookies (or more if large or gourmet), $1 for brownies, up to a $1.50 (sometimes more) for more extravagant desserts or large portions. Ask Coffee Person for assistance in determining prices.
  2. In addition, you will receive 40% of the gate after fixed expenses are deducted.
  3. Admission to the coffeehouse is $6 – $15. Attendance is unpredictable. Maximum audience for a sit-down performance is 96. Maximum audience for a stand-up act is 145. Anything over 75 people is considered a good audience. The beneficiary group can bring in up to five people with free admission, this is to cover the people who are working the bake sale. Other members of the beneficiary group are welcome to attend, but should make a donation like any other audience member.
  4. It is a good opportunity to sell items, have a raffle, hand out promotional material.
  5. Local newspapers are interested in reporting the coffeehouse and your organization, so a concerted effort on your part will increase your visibility and give you a chance to promote your work.
  6. Ideally, your publicity efforts could result in a third of the audience or more. Also, supporters of benefit groups are likely to pay the higher end of sliding scale.
  7. We send PSA’s to newspapers and radio stations and post a few posters. A master copy of the poster is available on this website. Further copies on more attractive paper stock can be generated, and your efforts in postering can only help. Please reproduce and distribute as many more as you can. Your participation in promoting the event is essential to maximizing fund-raising potential. Please invite your membership and friends.

The Full Moon Coffeehouse is organized and supervised by a volunteer committee who annually renew their individual commitments to work to benefit local environmental and progressive organizations and to promote the performing arts. The committee is pleased to be working with you. We always enjoy our efforts and inevitably experience each coffeehouse as special. We’re sure you will feel the same. We are receptive to your comments and suggestions. If you have any questions, the following committee members can help:

Beneficiary Coordinator – Kathy Becker +1-978-790-0047

For publicity

  1. Send out notices via email to your email list, listserves, and on Facebook and any other social media. We recommend that you send out a save the date email to your list as much as two months in advance. Then send out another email to your list one month out, a week out, and then the day before. And post a notice to your website. (People need to see information multiple times to commit!)

  2. Tell folks in your organization to spread the word via word of mouth. Tell folks that you run into, have members call, text and email friends as well as repost social media postings!

  3. Let people in your organization know about the open mic. If there are people in your organization that are interested in performing, that increases the appeal and participation for your organization. You can let us know ahead of time if there are folks who want to perform so we can ensure space.

  4. Flyer, Flyer, Flyer! Please pick up a copy of the flyer we provide or make your own and begin flyering a month before the show and keep flying as much as you can. Enlist people in your organization in different towns to do this. You can send them a PDF of the flyer and they can print it out as well if that is easier. Know that repeated posting in some locations is necessary (as they may get removed or covered.)

    We will flyer in Wendell, but the beneficiary needs to flyer elsewhere.

  5. Consider having a simple raffle of a few special items to increase donations. This can substantially increase funds raised. All these efforts will increase the success of the evening, increase the attendance and funds raised for your cause, and give your organization more visibility!

Recommended Flier Posting Locations

The following locations should be postered by the combined 
efforts of the beneficiary and the Full Moon Coffee House committee. 
The committee will design and make a limited number of copies. The 
beneficiary will make their own copies from the original and poster 
outside of the immediate Town of Wendell. Here is a partial list of 
areas that are good to poster. This list is by no means
 complete. Feel free to poster elsewhere.

We poster Wendell. For example:

  1. Wendell: Library, Wendell Country Store, Transfer Station (WRATS)
  2. New Salem: New Salem Country Store
  3. Leverett: Post office, library, Village Coop, Leverett Crafts and Arts (LCA)
  4. Shutesbury: Elementary school, Post Office, Library
  5. Montague Center: Bookmill, Market
  6. Turners Falls: Laundromat, Burrito Rojo
  7. Amherst: Blacksheep Deli, Bueno Y Sano, Newbury Comics, Collective Copies, Jones Library, bookstores, Henions Bakery, Barts, Panda East
  8. Greenfield: Barts, Greenfield Market, Greenfield Savings Bank, library, YMCA, Copy Cat, Mesa Verde, Hattapons restaurant, Greenfield Community College (downtown), Bead Store (Main St.), Siren Cafe

There are also many places that could be postered in Northampton, Brattleboro, Sunderland, and Deerfield.

If you would like to be a beneficiary, please fill out the form below. The Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse only benefits non-profit local environmental and service organizations. We support beneficiaries that are non-profit volunteer organizations whose work benefits the quality of life of this region. Please be sure to read our Mission Statement.


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