2023-2024 Schedule

1November 11, 2023Do it Now
Do it Now, combines poetry, story-telling, political commentary and musical improvisation to share the vision and hope for our planet."Do It Now" is Paul Richmond Beat Poet Laureate, Tony Vacca innovative American percussionist with Jazz and World Music, and John Sheldon, one of the great guitarists of our time.

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Wendell Historical Society
The Wendell Historical Society will be a center for self-guided instruction and tutorials led by specialists in different fields. It will be a place where everyone can make a history connection to virtually any topic, from music to politics to the environment.

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2December 9, 2023Green Sisters
Sprouting from a small farm in rural Massachusetts, the Green Sisters have had a deep love of music from birth. They’ve been playing venues in New England regularly for five years and have garnered quite the following. It’s hard not to smile when treated with their tight harmonies and high energy tunes; their loving but wry sibling banter makes every live show enjoyable. The four gals get together to play as often as they can. They revel in each other’s company, and jump easily from bluegrass to barbershop to blues to originals of all styles.

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The Wendell Meetinghouse
The Wendell Meetinghouse presides over the Wendell Town Common and Historic District, and like many other beautiful meetinghouses that dot New England, reflects the heart and soul of the town. The building’s story goes back to revolutionary times.

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3January 13, 2024The Gaslight Tinkers
African, Caribbean, Funk, Reggae, and Latin grooves meet traditional fiddle music. It's the genre-bending future of the music of the past. The Gaslight Tinkers' blend of global rhythms creates a joyously danceable sound around a core of traditional New England old time and celtic fiddle music, merging boundless positive energy with melody and song. Since its formation in 2012 the band has lit up the East Coast, the West Coast, and the Caribbean, headlining clubs, dances, and major festivals. Playing what The Valley Advocate describes as “Music that consistently fizzes and pops with unexpected textures and turns,” The Gaslight Tinkers’ shows are packed with delightful surprises, elated crowds, and exuberant musicianship. The sound and energy of I-Shea, Clara, Garrett, and Peter are universally irresistible.

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Friends of the Wendell Free Library
Libraries need Friends! The Friends of the Wendell Free Library is a membership organization open to anyone who wishes to support and enhance the resources, services, and activities of the Library. You may join the Friends with a modest annual membership fee ($5 for an individual, $10 for a family). The Friends promote the Library with a variety of fundraising and community-building activities. They publicize Library activities with an “occasional” Library Newsletter and maintain an active email list that keeps members up-to-date on Library events. Many of the features of our new Library have been made possible with the support of the Friends. These include the beautifully appointed Herrick Meeting Room, including the HD projector, high quality audio sytem and 10’ screen. We can also thank the Friends for the library skylights, the computers internet access and the WIFI connection. Friends have also generously helped purchase books, magazines and DVDs and have supported many Library programs. Passes to many local museums are also brought to you by the Friends. The Friends of the Wendell Free Library, Inc. is a 501(c)-3 organization and all contributions to the Friends are tax-deductible. You may join the Friends and/or make a contribution at the following address: P.O. Box 133, Wendell, MA 01379. Do “step up” and make public your support of our magnificent Library!

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