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2017-2018 Schedule

1October 14, 2017Mamma's Marmalade

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1794 Meetinghouse

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2November 4, 2017Shakazoba

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Friends of the Orange Public Library

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3December 2, 2017Shalom Habibi
Shalom means "peace" in Hebrew and Habibi translates "sweetheart" from Arabic. Music transcends differences of language and culture to bring people together in celebration. Kick off the holiday season with traditional Arabic and Jewish music...and Belly Dance!

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Friends of MN Spear Public Library

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4January 13, 2018Do It Now
Paul Richmond, John Sheldon, and Tony Vacca - "I just experienced one of the most exciting musical events of my life! Yes, it was that good! Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!! John Isaac Sheldon, Paul Richmond, and Tony Vacca, I feel like you created a new art form, broad and inclusive enough and also searing and incisive enough to capture and express the complexities, contradictions, absurdities, and passion of these times." Paul Kaufman
Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse

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5February 3, 2018Tom Filiault
Seeds of Solidarity
Seeds of Solidarity Education Center is a non-profit organization in Orange, MA that ‘awakens the power of youth, schools, and families to Grow Food Everywhere to transform hunger to health, and create resilient lives and communities.

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6March 3, 2018Viva Quetzal
Community Network for Children
The Community Network for Children Program supports families by acting as a hub to provide information, support, literacy opportunities, and family engagement programs within the communities of Erving, Leverett, New Salem, Wendell, and Shutesbury. Come take part in our programs and play, read, and meet up with new and old friends. It takes a village to raise a child!

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7March 31, 2018Gas Light Tinkers
Friends of Wendell Free Library
Rosie Heidcamp rheidkam@cwmars.org

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8April 28, 2018I Anbassa Movement
I Anbassa Movement delivers high energy, original World Reggae, grounded in Rastafari roots music, laced with rock, funk and afrobeat. I Anbassa's lyrics promote self-awareness, consciousness, positivity, and above all, Jah love. The group is performing in the valley at Wendell reggae fest in July and Charlemont Reggae Fest in August 2018.

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Orange Revitalization Partnership
Orange Revitalization Partnership

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9May 19, 2018Carrie Ferguson

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Deer Paths

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