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So you want to play the Coffeehouse…

Thank you for your interest in performing at the Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse, a family friendly, all ages, nonsectarian venue. To understand what we’re all about, please read our mission statement, then come back here.

Venue and booking details:

  • Performers for the season are selected by a volunteer committee at a summer meeting. Feel free to fill out the form below or send an E-mail, but booking decisions are made by the volunteer committee — we will contact you if we want to book you.
  • The Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse presents a wide range of genres including World Music, Folk, Dance Bands, jazz, Swing, Honky Tonk, Singer-Songwriters, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Classical, Comedy Troupes, Local Theatre, Belly Dancing, and more. We cater to the tastes of our hill town audiences, who are not shy about clearing out chairs and enjoying a night of dancing.
  • The Coffeehouse takes place in the historic Wendell Town Hall at 4 Center Road. It has a capacity of 95 seated or 145 standing. Seats are folding chairs which can be moved away for dancing.
  • Every show is a benefit. There is a $7-$20 cash (no checks or credit cards) donation at the door. There are no advance ticket sales.
  • The revenue from the door is split after expenses (hall rental, promotional materials, etc.), with the performer receiving 60% of the profit and the beneficiary receiving 40%.  Performers receive a $300 minimum guarantee.
  • Table space is available for selling band merchandise (CD’s, stickers, clothing etc). Performers are responsible for staffing the table.
  • The stage is approximately 12′ deep by 20′ wide. The coffeehouse supplies one sound engineer. Equipment includes:
    • (1) 8 channel powered mono mixer
    • (1) main speaker over the stage
    • (4) monitor wedges, 1 monitor mix
    • (4) SM58 (vocal) mics, (1) SM57 (instrument) mics
    • (2) DI boxes
    • (5) boom mic stands
    • (2) short boom mic stands.
    • a supply of cables, including a few extra XLR (mic) and 1/4″ (instrument) cables.
    • Wiring to mix position includes 12 XLR mic cables, 4 XLR returns, and 4 speaker runs (1/4″ at the board end, and SpeakOn at the stage end).
  • We are not a full-time commercial venue. We present upto 8 shows a year on Saturday nights near the full moon from September through April.
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